“O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you as it has been prescribed for people before you so that you may attain Taqwa” [al-Baqarah, 2:183]
Every year this blessed month of Ramadan comes and goes, but there are only few individuals who are the successful ones to follow the above mentioned ayah of the Holy Quran. I am not referring to the part of the ayah which commands us to fast regularly in the month of Ramadan, but I am referring to the word ‘taqwa’ used here.
By the grace of Allah we Muslims somehow manage to fast regularly in these prescribed days of Ramadan, but unfortunately we fail to fulfill the purpose of this gift given to us by the Supreme Being in the shape of this merciful and forgiving month.
The phrase “la-al-la” (second last word of this ayah) in Arabic means several things. It means ‘so that’ or ‘may be that’ signifying that the purpose of the 1st part of the ayah will be told after this word. As it says: ….fasting has been prescribed for you…’so that’ you may learn/attain taqwa. This ayah gives us a very clear view of the purpose of the month of Ramadan. “la-al-la” also means ‘hopefully’, in other words, ‘I have given you this hopefully u will get this’. Here Allah wants to tell you that whatever guidance he has given us, In this case the month of Ramadan, ‘hopefully’ you will benefit with it by gaining taqwa.
It makes us feel a bit more upset as it is not something that is guaranteed, but at the same time the very phrase “la-al-la” makes us feel hopeful and optimistic that it is more likely that we will attain taqwa.
We have heard from our very childhood that the purpose of Ramadan is to feel sympathy towards others, and to learn patience. To make it more clear these both the things are a part of a single entity,‘Taqwa’, and it is this that is the true purpose of this month.
We often find excuses throughout the year, that it is very hard to be like the great companions of Rasoolulllah (saw), shaytan is constantly trying to make us turn the wrong way. In this month you will not have that excuse. The devil has been locked in chains. You have entered the trainee program for a month. You have all your chances, to become great from ordinary.
This time we need to put ourselves into 1st gears, and strive to be amongst those fortunate who take all the blessings, mercy, forgiveness and most importantly taqwa, from this beautiful month of Ramadan.
Prophet saw said: “If Allah’s servants knew what Ramadan was, they would have wished it lasted for the whole year.”