The Prophet sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam has actually closed all ways to Shirk and warned his Ummah (Muslims) strictly not to fall in it

One of the aspects of Shirk in the world at the present time is offering sacrifices, vows and gifts for sanctuaries and graves.

The Prophet sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam has actually closed all ways to Shirk and warned his Ummah (Muslims) strictly not to fall in it. One of these ways is the issue of graves, where he put preserving restraints from worshipping them or exaggerating their rank. Such as:

<>1- He warned of exaggeration in pious and good men. This is because exaggeration leads afterwards to worshipping, he said, “إياكم والغلو” - meaning – “Be aware of Exaggeration, for (Nations) who were before you were cursed because of exaggeration ”. And he said, “لا تطروني” - meaning – “Do not over praise me as Christians over praised Isa (Jesus) the son of Mariam (Mary) because I am only a slave, so you should say, ‘the slave and the Messenger of Allâh’.”

Shiekh Hazrat Ali Hajvery was Great Scholar and Preacher of Islam and He called people toward Good [Islam] but People have Made Miraz or Tomb at his Grave.

<>2- He warned of constructing buildings over graves. For Abu Al-Hayyaj Al-Asadi said, ‘Ali bin Abi Taleb told me once, “shall I send you for a mission once the Messenger of Allâh sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam sent by for, [it is] “لا تدع” - meaning – “Do not leave any idol unless it is destroyed, nor you leave an up leveled grave unless you level it down to ground”.
Jaber(r.a) said, “the Messenger of Allâh sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam prohibited from plastering graves and sitting in them as well as constructing a building on them.”

<>3- He warned of performing prayer at these graves. A’ishah (r.a) said, ‘when the last moment of the life of Allâh's Messenger sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam came, he started putting his 'Khamisa' on his face. And when he felt hot and short of breath he took it off his face and said, “لعنة الله على اليهود والنصارى” - meaning – “May Allâh curse the Jews and Christians for they built the places of worship at the graves of their Prophets.” The Prophet sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam was warning (Muslims) of what those had done. Otherwise, he would have protruded his grave, but he feared it might be taken as places of worship’, and he said, “ألا وإن من قبلكم كانوا يتخذون” - meaning – “Those who were before you (nations) used to construct places for prayer over their Prophets’ graves. Verily, I forbade you from doing so”. In fact, taking graves as mosques means performing prayers there even if there is no building to pray, since every place constructed for the purpose of performing prayer is a mosque.

The Prophet sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam said, “جعلت لي الأرض” - meaning – “The earth has been submitted for me (and all Muslims) as a pure place to perform Prayer”, so if they instruct a building thereon, it would be worse.
Unfortunately, most people violated these prohibitions and committed what the Prophet has forbidden until they fell in the Major Shirk. They constructed buildings, sanctuaries, and sepulchers over graves.

Moreover, they made from them shrine to be visited at which all sorts of polytheism is committed, such as, slaughtering for them, invoking to them, calling them for help, offering vows and so on. The great scholar Ibn Al-Qayyim said, “whoever compares between what the Prophet ordered or restrained from and what most people nowadays do, would certainly find a great contradiction to an extent that they would never agree.

The Prophet sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam actually restrained from performing prayers at graves and these people perform prayers there. He restrained from taking them as mosques, while these people construct buildings there and call them sights resembling houses (mosques) of Allâh. Furthermore, he forbade lighting lamps there, while they specialize periods where they ignite lamps. Also he restrained from taking these places as feasts to celebrate, while those specialize for them feasts and ceremonies where they gather for exactly as they gather for Islâmic feasts or more.

Besides, he decreed that they must be leveled, for Muslim narrated that Ibn Abi Al-Hayyaj…, and he (Muslim) also reported in his Sound Book (of Hadith) that Thumamah bin Shafei said, “we were once with Fudalah bin Ubeid in Rome – Rodus, when one of our friends died. Fudalah then ordered to level his grave and said, ‘I heard the Messenger of Allâh sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam once commanding to level graves’.”

After all, these people exaggerate in contradicting and opposing these two Hadith (traditions) and raise graves up and build domes on them…. So you may notice this great difference between what the Messenger of Allâh sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam has decreed with the great purpose of His prohibition and what these people have decreed and meant.

No doubt, this is a mischief which can not be controlled anymore….(mentioning this blights)… and one of them is that reason for which our Prophet decreed visiting the graves for us is to recall the Thereafter and do well deeds concerning the dead like calling Mercy from Allâh for him etc.

Therefore, a man who visits the tombs is doing well for himself as well as for the dead; however, these polytheists have turned this aspect upside down and altered their Religion when they made the reason from visiting the graves Ash-Shirk and calling the dead for help, aid and support against enemies and so on. So they turned out to be behaving badly towards themselves and towards the dead even if the consequence was just being deprived of what Allâh has decreed for our good in this concern.”

Consequently, we know that offering vows and sacrifices for shrines is a major Shirk. It is actually caused by the disobedience of the Prophet’s guidance due to the behaving with the dead and their graves. Some of these instructions were: not to construct buildings over them, or make mosques (places to pray) over there because when this happened, domes were built and vows were offered, then ignorant people thought that these buried people can benefit and harm, and that they can respond to their call so they offered them vows and sacrifices and are still doing this.

Finally, these graves with their people turned out to be worshipped statues, the Prophet sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam said, “اللهم لا تجعل قبري” - meaning – “O Allâh! Do not let them make my grave a worshipped idol!” In fact, the Messenger of Allâh sallaALLAHu alaihi wasallam never asked this from Allâh except for that something like this is going to happen with other than his grave, and it did happen in many Islâmic countries. However, Allâh preserved his grave ? from such ignorance as a response for his call. Although some ignorant people may commit some violations there but because his grave is in his house and surrounded by three walls it is very difficult to reach his honorable grave. Ibn Al-Qayyim said, “So, the Lord of the ‘Alamin responded his call when He surrounded his grave by three walls”.