Today before Zuhar, as usual I was studying but before I got up to pray, something came in my mind!

by Abu Yusuf
Today before Zuhar, as usual I was studying but before I got up to pray, something came in my mind! I have been praying a lot for this feeling and thought to come in my mind and finally it was here!!! :) I thought "Am I going for Prayer? Am I going in Masjid? What is Prayer? No... I'm going to meet my Lord! Yes I'm going to praise Him in front of Him! Suddenly I thought of cleaning myself with Wudhu! I never thought about my clothes before in my life but this time I looked at them and wondered, are they good enough as I'm going to stand in front of my Creator! I did Wudhu, this time with complete concentration and care! Then I sit back and took deep breaths! I wanted to make myself calm as I was about to meet my Sustainer! And I had to be really calm and quite in my mind! Then I got up and started walking towards Masjid. But my mind was thinking, how will I Praise my Lord? Will it be sufficient? Will He accept it? What else I'm going to talk about? O yeah I'll tell Him my every single problem and shortcomings. How I'm going to communicate with Him? I'm going to meet my Helper, my Giver and Taker. How will I Thank Him for everything? Now I was a bit confused. I dont know how I got to Masjid and how I crossed the road, no idea! I entered the Mosque and I really felt a new spirit. Never felt that before! I knew my Lord is watching me! So I went to the first row and started my prayers. Before this time I always had to struggle to be able to concentrate in my Prayers. Sometimes I succeeded but mostly my mind diverted and I start thinking about all the stuff accept prayer. But today at that time I was standing there with my Lord! nothing was in my mind accept Surah Fatihah! While reciting it I was pondering over its meaning and SubhanAllaah, such a beautiful Surah it is! Starting from Praise, rather All Praises belongs to Allah who is the Sustainer of all the worlds! What else we weak servants of Allaah wants? We have been assured that Allaah is there for us for EVERYTHING! So why worry about anything? So with this thought I become more calm and my heart was at peace! I knew Allaah is with me wherever I go! Then I recited Ar-Rehman Ar Raheem. And then I thought about my sins! I did Tobah several times but again and again I do same sins! And now Allaah gave me a hope! A hope that He is Raheem! So I started loving Him! But the very next moment I recited Malik-e-Youmiddiin! AND I cried! Now I knew He's going to hold us accountable on that Day! Now I knew I will be giving explanations on that Day, of everything I did in this world! Now my sins were again in front of me! So I cried! Next I recited Iyyaka Na'budu wa iyyaka Nasta'een. I thought of explaining my Lord that I do not do Shirk! I only pray for Him and I only seek help from Him! So I stopped crying as I was not a Mushrik Alhamdolillah! And again there was hope of Forgiveness! But why forgiveness? My sins were still there with me! So I made dua, 'O Allah guide us to the Straight path of Yours. The Path of Your people whom You are happy with and not of whom You are angry with, and not of those who are misguided!' I felt as I requested every GOOD from Allah SWT and I requested Him to keep me away from EVERY sin! I felt as I got EVERY HASANAH of this world and Akhirah! I felt as My Allah is now happy with me! I felt as now I got some light from which I can find my way in dark! SubhanAllah! So I said Aameen from the deepest of my heart and begin to smile! Allahu Akbar Never felt like that before! So I Praised Him in Rukuh and in Sajdah and I asked for forgiveness and assured Him again that I am not a Mushrik and this Salah is only for You and for my mind's peace! And with this thought I ended my remaining prayer. Allahu Akbar I never felt such a peace in my entire life! For a moment it was like I got everything! I found my RABB! SubhanAllah! So I came out of Masjid with a smile on my face and I wished I could perform my every Salah like that!"

This was the incident happened today for which I prayed a lot! O Allah All Praises belongs to you! You are so GREAT! You never isolate your servant, You always answer our Prayers! O Allah never leave us alone, never ever, not even for a second! O Allah be with us and guide us to Jannat-ul-Firdous at highest level! Aameen