Alhamdulila. It would amaze you people to know that we have collected 37000 PKR so far for the noble task we plan to do.

By Brother Mohammad Ali from Islamic brothers forum


Alhamdulila. It would amaze you people to know that we have collected 37000 PKR so far for the noble task we plan to do. Allah Hu Akbar! I could never imagine that we would collect 37K through a facebook group. The love and sincerity and zeal of brothers & sisters in this group [islamic brothers] for Islam and for their brothers speaks for itself. All I can do is pray for all these people and also for those people who didn't contribute but prayed for us and wished good for us. May Allah reward you all people. May Allah Almighty forgive you people and admit us all in jannat ul firdous. May we be together like this in jannah as well. Aameen. Members in this group  [islamic brothers] have shown immense keenness to work for deen. Insha Allah this is our first practical step and the response has been super fantastic! I believe this is a beginning towards a great task insha Allah. May Allah Almighty forgive all of us and accept it from us. As for the plan, then i will mention it below.

The food is being arranged for 150+ people insha Allah, in the mosque of Ibtisam Illahi zaheer sb, Lahore. The food costs us 16000 Rs.

We are left with 21K. For which we have planned the following (not finalized yet):
1- Buying clothes for deserving people for eid.
2- Sponsoring marriage expenses for deserving people. Its more likely that we will do this. Because i personally know some deserving people who are going to marry their daughters and need money.
3- Helping some poor sisters study deen by paying their fee in alhuda institution Islamabad. (we were told there are some deserving sisters)
4- Buying sewing machines to some deserving sisters so that they could start a business (during discussion with people, we were told that there are some).

Anyways, whatever it turns out to be. Insha Allah, we will try our best to spend money in a good & intelligent way, which can be long term sadaqa jariyah for all of us :D And which can also make someone's life easy. Arranging food for one day only makes life easy for 1 day :) We are planning to spend the rest 21K as productive as possible. Insha Allah. Need your prayers. Jazak Allah khairan kaseeran everyone.


help our brother to arrange Iftar and Islamic lectures for poors of Pakistan