Brother Mohammad Ali wrote:

I had read a very interesting thing in my aqeeda course. I would like to share with all. According to Dr Bilal Philips, he believes that Einstein's theory of relativity (E=mc2), which states that Energy is equal to mass times the square of speed of light, and this theory is taught in all schools, is in fact an expression of shirk in Tawheed al-Asma was-Sifat (names and attributes of Allah).

The theory states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it merely transforms into matter and vice versa. However, both matter and energy are created entitites and they both will be destroyed, as Allah clearly states:

"Allah is the creator of all things.." (39:62)
"Everything in [the world] will perish." (55:26)

The theory also implies that mass and energy are eternal having no beginning or end since they are supposed to be uncreated and transform into each other. However, this attribute belongs only to Allah who alone is without beginning or end.

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Brother Zeeshan Saleem commented:
I have been following the news associated with CERN & Large Hadron Collider as a lot of controversies are expected to come out of it very soon. Recently I have learnt that scientist at CERN lab has found a sub-atomic partical called 'Neutrinos' which they believe has exceeded the limit of speed of light. Now E=MC2 is a part of Einstein's Special theory of relativity which is based on speed of light, in fact the whole modern physics is based on and if that experiment is true, which I am sure will be, the whole E=MC2, special theory of relativity and more precisely the physics we know as of today will cease to exist. And hence once again Quran will prove to be right Inshallah.
The link if any one interest to read the whole article:​science-environment-150174​84

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