Tips on Modesty in Campus [university]

by Brother Mugheerah Luqman from Islamic Brother

To keep up modesty is really hard while you are in class with many mod-scott girls (whose main intentions are to attract boys towards them). However, we can't let it go. I do face this problem in my college class, so here is what I do:

Firstly,  there are various verses like lowering gaze and being strict in talking to non-mehram, etc.

We have weak Iman and really sometimes unintentionally we do things of which we really get ashamed of, so here is how I try to control my temptations:

 Firstly, While in class, I try my best to sit in the front row so that my eyes are more focused on the board and teacher and where girls are not visible.  The teacher pays much attention to the front benchers and they are to be ready for any type of responses from the teacher, so this way the attention is not diverted to non-mehram.
Secondly, I sit twisted in the chair in a way that my back is towards the girls sitting on the right side... and of course never ever sit with a girl even if I had to stand up.

 Secondly, I try my best to keep my JOKES to myself, especially when others are being popular and centre of attention. In other words try to keep a low profile and hide my laughter and show seriousness and whenever I realize that i'm a little loosing it, I start talking to myself by shutting my eyes, like Hey hold on, this is your test, You can not get whatever you like; then immediately start thinking of mission and purpose of life, etc. It really helps!

Thirdly,  Now when your outside the class, within the premises, your beard helps a lot as you see that girls are thinking of you as Molvi and stuff, especially when you put on Shalwaar Qameez with your ankles uncovered, you feel like your outclassed and then you realize what is your life and what you actually prioritize. At that moment you say, I could be like other boys but I am different and I am a slave of Allah, so here I go being proud of being considered as a MOLVI. Yes I am MOLVI.

Similarly it helps even more, when you say in class loudly to your mates, eyaar men MOLVI aadmi hn mujhey in baaton say koi saro kaar nai...

Well here is what I do, so you can try anyone of it.

Brother your beard and costume actually matters a lot! I really feel different when I wear shalwaar qameez in college and I try my best to wear that in college as much as I can, though I wear trousers and shirts too but only at home and stuff. But when it comes to institutions of western education and people inspired by them, I feel like, Here is the time to prove your Iman and FUNDAMENTALISM.

May Allah save us from the evils of such institutions...! Ameen!