History of Islam is full of great sacrifices especially woman

Islam is a global reality and the true followers of Islam are following Islam even during hardships.Islam needs motivated followers through out the globe and these true followers are source of motivation and inspiration for people who are unaware of wealth of Imaan.

History of Islam is full of great sacrifices rendered by practising Muslims.Women have always played a leading role in this regard.We cannot forget Summayyah,Zunaira and lobeena who bore every torture but remained steadfast on Islam without any compromise.Today women of France is refreshing the same history of Summayyah, Zunnaira and lobeena rizwanullahee aliehim ajma ee.

Islam is not for east not for west.Islam is for every direction .Islam is not for past and present.It is for every single moment to come.

The people who are following Islam are indeed lucky and they should be grateful to ALLAH swt for His blessings and favours.May Allah swt give us toufeeq to follow Islam till the last moment Ameen.
French mother, 32, set to become first woman to be jailed for wearing banned Islamic veil
  • Refused to accept court sentence that she spend 15 days learning her civic duties
  • 'Judges need citizenship lessons - not me'
  • Taking case to court of human rights
Facing jail: Hind Ahmas, left, could be sentenced to two years in prison for wearing a banned Islamic head covering in France 

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