O you all who are Ghurabas, time is near

Assalam O Alikum Wr Wb, I want to share with all of you guys a concern, a fear and a news in the making. It surrounds the fact that the image of Islam and muslim has been so misrepresented by the media, the most tolerant people are shown as the most inhumane, hostile and intolerant people on earth, the women of Islam have become an image of oppression and man control, Islamic sharia is been presented as brutal and barbaric, the sunnah of the prophet is made fun of, even so the sahabas and the prophets of Islam are disrespected.

The time is near where holding on to Islam would really be like holding onto red hot embers.
Muslims you are being alienated to Islam.

O you all who are Ghurabas, WAllahi time is near where you would know the real sense of being a ghuraba, where you are rejected out rightly, you are demonized and made fun of publicly. Remember that time in your heads, and prepare your iman, because it would be like a coin toss, and you better know whose side you are on, Islam or the Kufars.
I pray that Allah make this time easy for us, truly a big trial is near may Allah help us successfully pass it.

by Br. Hassan Adhan