Where did the wisdom go?

Assalaam U Alykum WR WB!

I often wonder, where did the wisdom go? Today I see people around me (including me) and I feel something is missing, something which can change the entire system at least! We have become followers! If someone says something, we believe without giving it a second thought.

We believe what we see, hear and are told! We do what we are told to do without knowing or thinking, it might be bad for us! Our parents taught us not to believe or trust anyone until you know him well but still why is it that we do not think before trusting anyone? Should we trust everyone? Should we trust those who are our enemies? Should we trust a small box in our homes? Where did the wisdom go?

We follow trends, fashion, and all the traditions but did we ever think are they acceptable? We ave a criteria, do these things fall in that criteria? Oh! Whats criteria? Did we ever know? Or is it the headache of masjid mullaans or scholars?

Its kind of funny that we chase those things which we can NEVER grab? I'll repeat, where did the wisdom go? Why is it that we admire the life style of those who are miserable, while we want to get out of "sakoon" to find "sakoon"! We are following the stars in the sea! We'll drown eventually but still we want to proceed, get going! Where is the wisdom? Can anyone tell me few things which snatched our wisdom from us and made us like Cattle as described by the Quran?

by Br. Abu Yusuf