Three Things Allah Hates (Hadith No. 1214)

Volume 2, Book 24, Number 555:
Narrated Ash-sha`bi:
The clerk of Al-Mughira bin Shu'ba (radiallaahu `anhu) narrated, "Mu`awiya (radiallaahu `anhu) wrote to Al-Mughira bin Shu'ba (radiallaahu `anhu): Write to me something which you have heard from the Prophet (sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam) ." So Al-Mughira (radiallaahu `anhu) wrote: I heard the Prophet (sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam) saying, "Allah has hated for you three things:
1. Vain talks, (useless talk) that you talk too much or about others.
2. Wasting of wealth (by extravagance)
3. And asking too many questions (in disputed religious matters) or asking others for something (except in great need).
Vain talk is a waste of time.
Extravagance is a waste of wealth.
Asking too many questions is a waste of intellect.
Why would Allah like it for you to waste away the blessings He gave to you? These resources, if used the right way, could bring immense benefit to the individual and the community as a whole.
To avoid useless talking, avoid talking about people and events. As the saying goes: "great minds discuss ideas".
To avoid waste of wealth, spend less. :P And do lots of Sadaqah.
To avoid asking too many (useless) questions, think before you speak, really. Getting into the how's and why's usually leads to such questions. A good solution is to think whether getting the answer to a specific question will bring you closer to Allah, or give you a plan of action. For example, the answer to "How old was `A'isha (radiallaahu `anhaa) when she got married?" won't do you much good. Increase in knowledge, yes. But does this knowledge result in `amal? I highly doubt it.
Be wise and and avoid doing stuff that Allah does not like. :)

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