Important Issue but simple Answer By Allema Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer

 Praise be to Allaah.
 ALLAH has created
Men and women with different abilities and potentials

Allah has created men and women with different abilities and potentials.Men cannot give birth to child similarly women are not supposed to earn except that they do so voluntarily.Men are responsible for social and economic work and women are responsible for household and caretaking of children.West try to seduce women of Islam in the name of gender equality.Muslims should be conscious of this conspiracy.


1/ Women can work when they find it comfortable for them.But they should work by keeping in view the segregation of genders

2/ I have summarised it that they can do but they are not bound to do because the burden of economics should be on shoulders of men.As far as if they are interested in doing business they can indeed invest but it must be kept in mind that Islam has always recommended segregation of genders and Hijab must be mantained in any case.Therefore the best suited profession for them are teaching and medicine in which they can educate and cure other women

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