For Real For Real (Hadith No. 757)


Volume 1, Book 12, Number 757:
Narrated Zaid binWahb:
Hudhaifa saw a person who was not performing the bowing and prostrations perfectly. He said to him, "You have not prayed and if you should die you would die on a religion other than that of Muhammad."

 My reaction: O_O

Wouldn't it be the greatest loss? Thinking you've done something to earn reward and Allah's pleasure, but actually all you've gained is loss. You think you've prayed, but in fact you haven't. You proudly label yourself a Muslim, but in reality you're not on the religion of Muhammad (SAW). Astaghfirullah! *shivers*
In order to save ourselves from such a bad surprise in the Hereafter, we have to perfect our prayers. Study the way Prophet (SAW) used to perform Salah very carefully and follow it as much as you can. While studying the Sunnah, you might find some teachings conflicting with the way your mom or dad or Imaam sahab used to pray. But it shouldn't matter. It shouldn't hold you back from changing your way. Because you are to follow Muhammad (SAW)'s way. For real for real (Wisam Sharieff style).